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Jasen Mphepo Fund


n November 2015, through the Buddyz for love program Patsime Trust In partnership with Unga Ornar from Sweden donated 160 shoes and 70 reusable pads to the boys and girls at Mlichi Primary School. From this initiative the Jasen Mphepo fund was crafted to help a fraction of the students with their school levy, uniforms and stationery, to create a better environment in order for them realise their dreams.


Ten students benefited from the program in 2016. 8 girls and 2 boys in grade 7 received full fees for the year, new satchels and stationary including counter books, pens, rulers and pencils. A ceremony was held at the school on the 23rd May 2016 where the students were handed their receipts and stationary. Mlichi Primary school is situated in Mashonaland West in the Hurungwe District, 20 Km before Karoi. This is a school that opened its doors in the year 2000 owing to the resettlement of the blacks within the area, hence there was need for education for the growing population of children. A piece of land was offered by the new owner of the plot to be the new school for the children.


As the population increased there was need for a bigger space to also accommodate all the grades, hence in 2002, the school moved further down the plot into what used to be tobacco barns. Here, the school had no furniture and students would sit on the floor. The walls of the barns were used as the chalkboard as there was not enough money.



Jasen Mphepo Fund

In 2005 the school received a new Headmaster, Mr Rice. As the new head he was determined to bring change to the school, with the help of the Village headman Mr Kananda and the School development committee. Most students at the school do not have proper school uniforms and the school does not have stationery for the students to read. In 2015 the school started building a new block with the help from a private partner. Building of the new block was stopped to allow for building of temporary classrooms for the student and teachers quarters.





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