Past Projects

Young for real

Patsime was part of a Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights consortium, Young for Real, which was a project that targets young people. The project was conceived by SAFAIDS to address Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). The project was designed to address the challenges faced by young people when accessing SRHR and other health related services, it was also a platform to advocate for SRHR policy development and implementation and awareness rising on SRHR. It gave young people the platform to share their experiences and to understand their rights, whilst acquiring a better understanding around their reproductive health.

UNFPA‐ ISP Project

As part of fundraising initiatives, Patsime is currently running a project on behalf of UNFPA‐ISP project. The Integrated Support Programme for Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention (ISP) is a nationally owned programme funded by various partners through a combination of parallel and pooled funding streams along four mutually reinforcing programmatic pillars:
(1) Socially marketed integrated SRH/HIV/GBV services and mass media;
(2) Public sector integrated SRH/HIV/GBV services and community‐based Social
and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC)
(3) Family Planning commodities; and
(4) Research and Evaluation
(5) The overall goal of the ISP is to contribute to improving women’s and girl’s sexual and reproductive health through reducing the incidence of maternal morbidity and mortality, cervical cancer HIV and GBV

Communication and cultural Practices Series

Through forum theatre and related theatre for development strategies the project aimed at engaging rural communities to discuss culture and religion within the context of HIV/AIDS. The main objective was to encourage open discussion and increase understanding of the linkages between culture, gender and HIV/AIDS mitigation and management.


Patsime Trust in partnership with IOM, helped in providing assistance to retaining and deported persons from South Africa and Botswana. Assistance was provided through reception and Support Centres in Plumtree and Beitbridge. The project sought to encourage safe migration as well as encouraging migrants to acquire proper documentation for travel. It also addressed issues of HIV/AIDS as well as gender issues and abuse associated with illegal travel such as rape.


Patsime has hosted the Buddyz Annual Festival of the Arts, BAFA. The festival which was a fully fledged project on its own, brought together community based theatre initiatives from six provinces Patsime is operating in, various development service organisations and members of the general public as audiences and participants.