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Welcome to Patsime Trust

What does the organization do ?

Patsime Trust is a Zimbabwean non-profit organisation established in 2002 and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Patsime Trust currently implements its projects in Zimbabwe although it has one project that it is implementing in the Southern African countries, which are Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Patsime’s core activities include production of edutainment theatre, participatory theatre for development, capacity development for community based theatre groups, information collection, production, and dissemination and promoting communication and dialogue on cutting- edge issues related to HIV and AIDS. Patsime Trust with five years experience in project planning and management has a programme portfolio that includes four projects which are the Buddyz for Luv which is a branded multi-media project targeting young people, Capacity Building Project which trains theatre for development strategies, Communication and Culture Series which uses forum theatre among other theatre for development strategies to engage rural communities to discuss the implications of culture to HIV and AIDS issues and Capacity Development of Southern African Women Project which mainstreams gender, human rights and HIV and AIDS in the Arts. Patsime also provides Consultancy Services in theatre for development and participatory methods, which are flexibly packaged to meet various demands of clients in development agencies.

Organizational Vision

Patsime strives to be an innovation leader in communication for development strategies and arts promotion.

Organizational Mission

To use theatre, media and other communication strategies to provide information, develop capacity and enhance communication in addressing HIV and AIDS and related development issues for various communities.


Patsime’s focus is on HIV and AIDS issues and interrelated development issues that include gender, disability, reproductive health, drug abuse, and children’s rights and arts promotion.

Opportunities for Youth

The Buddyz for Luv project is a branded multi-media project targeting young people aged between 12 and 20 years. The project uses an edutainment approach, which has over the past five years, included edutainment theatre, which includes a scripted play and post-performance discussions. Patsime has, through time produced its own IEC material, as well as collect and distributed other material from other organisations. The IEC material for schools constitutes part of the Buddyz for Luv brand presenting HIV and AIDS information in a way that is appealing to youth. The material will also be linked to the characters and themes in both the radio and television programmes which Patsime produces. The material will be developed to suite the target group as appropriate, and will be distributed together with other material, collected from other organisations

The project has expanded and now includes a television serial drama, Suburb ‘D’, addressing adolescent reproductive rights, HIV and AIDS, gender issues such as gender based violence and human trafficking. The schools component of the project intends to establish Buddyz clubs which will be youth driven in collaboration with Patsime Trust. In addition the project intends to produce a twenty-four minute sister radio programme which will focus on issues that affect young people with a thrust to improve interaction between parents and children. The programme consists of an eight-minute presentation of drama, which will be informed by contributions from phone- ins. The next sixteen minutes will consist of a panel discussion, which will also enhance interaction between parents and young people. The programme will give parents and the youths dialoguing spaces with moderation from a panel of experts from selected relevant fields.

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