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Patsimeredu edutainment trust is a hybrid organisation which uniquely and skilfully uses performing arts as a development communication strategy for improved development communication. The use of art as a tool presents a unique dimension in interpreting and advocating for change on different societal issues that affect different communities and young people in particular. From the time of its inception in 2002, Patsimeredu Edutainment Trust has 13 years contributing to the wide spread social development, restoration and upholding of the Zimbabwean African moral fibre in different communities and provinces of Zimbabwe through: Production of edutainment films, Participatory theatre for development, Capacity development for community based theatre groups, Information collection and dissemination,

Patsime has implemented different projects which include, Buddyz for Luv‐Youth Life Skills Projects, production of TV programs and short films, capacity development of community Based theatre groups, communication and cultural practices series (CCPS) ‐ targeted at raising awareness in rural communities, Buddyz Annual festival Of Arts (BAFA), the workplace projects on and is also part of the African Youth Activist Network (AYAN)

Our Strategic Focus

Our Vision:

Innovative leadership for improved communication for development strategies
and arts promotion.


Our Mission:

To use theatre and other communication strategies to enhance development and build

capacity in development centered issues in Zimbabwe and beyond.


Our Strategic Objectives:

• Improve knowledge, attitude and practices on developmental issues through the stimulation of dialogue and promoting platforms for experience sharing among targeted social groups.
• Develop the capacity and provide technical assistance to targeted communities through the use of theatre for development and other participatory communication strategies.
• Promote the development of various performing arts genres as alternative voices of
collective and self expression.